UnD-052—A Week of Kindness & Grey Cell Present: BURROWERS—A recorded collaboration of two Houston based experimental projects. Unsettling noise-scapes built from drones, feedback and noises both electronic and acoustic. (C-20) $6

UnD-053—AN INNOCENT YOUNG THROAT-CUTTER“The Inn On The River”--Long-running project of Richard Ramirez and Cristiano Renzoni. Two sides of brutal, textural HNW. (C-60) $8

UnD-054—THE GODLESS GIRL—Three tapes of breathtaking HNW from this Texas based husband and wife duo. Three hours of uniquely sourced wall noise. A masterpiece! (3xC-60) Packaged in an envelope with shredded cloth. EDITION OF 15. $25

UnD-055—WHERE IS THIS/THEWHITEHORSE—Split tape. One side of alchemical, slowly developing harsh and ambient noise walls from Dublin-based Mark Ward. One side of raging “maximalist” HNW from Texas noisemaker Sean E. Matzus. (C-30) EDITION OF 21 $8

UnD-056—AMER “Walking With Mom”--HNW full of rumble, pops and crackle from Robert Newsome. One side minimalist, one side harsh. (C-90) $8

UnD-057—RED LIGHT GIRLS “Midnight Pick-up”--HNW quartet featuring two “noise couples”: Richard Ramirez & Sean E. Matzus (Last Rape, etc) and Zach Guttowsky & Chanel Garcia (Permanent Outlet, etc.). Raw, unremitting wall noise with all the texture and nuance expected of the individual artists involved. (C-30) $8

UnD-058—THENIGHTPRODUCT “Thinny”--Minimalist, no-distortion wall noise from Sean E. Matzus. Follow up to the sold out tape from H-Series. A raw, creepy and experimental bit of active wall-making. (C-20) $6

UnD-059—MEAN GIRLS—Two rough and heavy slabs of slow-burn HNW from Canada. Amazing new project of Pat Klassen (Sleep). (C-30) $8

UnD-060—TANNER G./A WEEK OF KINDNESS—Experimental tape made up of two very different treatments of water sound. One (Tanner G. “Downpour”) a layered, powerful dronescape, the other (A Week of Kindness “My Fate Was To Drown”) a horror-house of field recordings treated ugly. (C-20) $6

UNLIMITED DRIFT PINK TRIANGLE SERIES (limited-edition tapes by gay noise artists):

UnD-PT01—MICHELE BACHMANN (C-30) Edition of 10
UnD-PT02—CALEB DOUGLAS HESSE (C-30) Edition of 10
Two one-off explorations of static HNW. One from Sean E. Matzus (MICHELE BACHMANN) and one from Richard Ramirez (CALEB DOUGLAS HESSE). $8 each.